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ANZAC Day - Dawn service and breakfast

Posted on 14 April, 2016 at 22:20

ANZAC Day is commemorated on 25 April each year. A time in which New Zealanders and Australians reflect on the nature of war. The losses, the sacrifices, the victories and the freedom we now enjoy. 

From an early age it has been a tradition within my family, as it is for many Kiwi and Aussie families, to wake early and attend the Dawn Service. I have memories of my grandfather marching in the parade, his medals polished and proudly displayed across his chest. Marching straight and true amoungst his piers.  Even as children, not fully understanding the meaning behind the ceremony, we felt the surge of pride at watching our returned soilders march,seeing our grandmothers wave hankys and shuss the child that spoke out of turn.

After the ceremony, it was home for a hot breakfast and the baking of ANZAC biscuits. A crisp or chewy cookie - depending how you liked them - made with oats and coconut, held together with golden syrup. 

My grandfather has long since passed away but I am proud to say, I have never missed a Dawn Service - though I was rather late for one, once!  My husband and I wake our son. We silently but quickly, pile on our coats and woolly hats, rushing out the door to join the stream of folk walking along the street to the cenetaph or other significant meeting point. On more organised mornings we even have coffee in mugs to warm our hands. 

The crowd gathers and waits, almost silently, for the ceremony to begin. I love it! The marching soliders and cadets. The pipe band. The gun salute! But most of all, the sunrise. Always beautiful and always a fond reminder of my grandfather.

Then, it's home for a hot breakfast and to bake ANZAC cookies. Two batches, one crisp and one chewy.

I love it! 

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