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The Eco idea

Posted on 30 September, 2017 at 16:00

I've not written a blog help me out. Your feed back will be welcome. 

The purpose:

To collect and track eco ideas for Toadies. We can't do everything - it's a huge historic building, which we don't own. But we think we can improve our practices to be more environmentally sensitive and reduce our ecological footprint.


It's really more of a case of why not? I cannot think of any reason why we would not take the opportunity to improve our practices, especially those that impact the environment.


Our first focus will be on waste. We think this will be our biggest win. We also want to look at what we can add to the environment with planting and composting. We're hoping you will offer up ideas along the way. Just keep in mind, we don't own the building so there are limits to what we can do. 


Right now. Seems like as good a time as any.

Who am I?

I'm Ruthie. My husbands name is Gareth, and we purchased Toad Hall Backpackers 7 years ago.

The idea to focus on our enviro pad print came about through being involved in a community project in Christchurch. As it happens, 7 years ago, Christchurch was hit by a series of devasting earthquakes. The quakes went on for years and the loss of life and property was, and is, significant. The Eastern suburbs were hit hard, loosing 6000 homes - never to come back. The land is labelled 'Red Zone,' indicating instability and not able to be re-built on. 

This resulted in a loss of domestic gardens. Red Zones, with the houses removed, actually become green belts. This results in a reduced food supply for bees, butterflies and birds.

So, a group of resilient residents pulled together to build a natural childrens playground, with all plantings providing food for the bees, butterflies and birds. You can read more about that project" target="_blank">here.

It got me thinking. Toadies has a large roof terrace. It has some courtyard garden space. We could do better. Which over a wine or three, developed into 'Let's look at all our processes from an eco point of view'. As we discussed the changes we could make to the way we do things the phrase kept coming up "But what about the guests?"

This question was raised in two ways.

How will our changed processes impact the guest experience?

How do we provide processes that make it easy for our guests to follow?

A very good example to highlight what I mean is dish washing/water usage.

One of our identified waste targets is water. We have reduced the amount we waste by improving the plumbing where we can. Don't get me wrong, we won't fix everything - those pipes are 150 years old and we don't own them. We have already, changed washers and installed flow control valves on the showers.

What we struggle with is guests that wash ALL of their dishes, pots, plates, cups & cutlery, under a running tap rather than a sink of hot soapy water.

...and the re-cycle bin v's waste bin....what goes where and who cares?

How do we educate along the way?

We feel, we will lead by example.We will become Enviro Toadie Warriors. We'll be there sorting the recycling from the rubbish. Washing dishes in a tub of hot soapy water, turning off the heater and the lights when no-one is in the room. We'll also be there planting herbs and vegetables for guest use. We'll plant flowers to attract butterflies and birds for you to enjoy. We'll create an environment that is easy on the enviroment.

We'd love your ideas. Tell us what you think, even if you think we are wasting our time. 

This is the beginning...let's aim for the moon and save the earth.

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